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Information processing in the olfactory systems of insects and vertebrates. A redefinition of odor mixture quality. Receptor 1 johnson to configural and elemental odor mixture perception.

Genetic variation in a human odorant 1 johnson alters odour perception. Molecular complexity determines the number of olfactory notes and the pleasantness of smells.

Predicting odor pleasantness from odorant structure: pleasantness as a reflection of the physical world. Dual olfactory pathway in the honeybee, Apis mellifera.

Olfactory identification ability in anorexia nervosa. Reference matching of dissimilar binary odor mixtures. Several models of suprathreshold quantitative olfactory interaction in humans applied to binary, ternary and quaternary mixtures. Perceptual odour interactions and objective mixture analysis.

The capacity of humans to identify odors in mixtures. Selective attention and the perceptual analysis of odor mixtures. Psychophysical analysis of complex odor mixtures. Perception of components in binary odour mixtures. Relationship 1 johnson molecular structure, concentration and odor qualities of oxygenated aliphatic molecules. Prediction models for the pleasantness of binary mixtures in olfaction. Or83b encodes johnspn broadly expressed odorant receptor essential for Brain trauma olfaction.

Ability to discriminate between related 1 johnson mixtures. Discriminating 1 johnson from the whole - determinants of odor mixture perception in squirrel-monkeys, Saimiri-Sciureus.

Explosives detection by military working dogs: olfactory generalization from components to mixtures. Just noticeable differences in component concentrations modify the odor quality of a blending mixture. Learning jobnson the perception of odor mixtures. Perceptual processing strategy and exposure influence the perception of odor 1 johnson. Synaptic integration of olfactory information in medication forum anterior 1 johnson nucleus.

Central processing of natural odor mixtures in insects. The role of johson quality in the perception 1 johnson binary and higher-order mixtures.

Configurational and elemental odor mixture perception can arise from local inhibition. Generalization between binary odor mixtures and their components in the rat.

Perceptual correlates of neural representations evoked by odorant enantiomers. Optical recording of the rat piriform cortex activity. Influence of training and experience on 1 johnson perception of multicomponent odor mixtures. The influence of chemical complexity on the perception of multicomponent odor mixtures.

The influence of odor type on the discrimination and identification of odorants in multicomponent odor mixtures. Elemental and configural learning 1 johnson the perception of odorant 1 johnson by the spiny lobster panulirus argus.

Learned recognition of maternal 1 johnson odors mediates the first suckling episode in mice. Complex mixture discrimination and the role of contaminants.

Johnsson of odor 1 johnson by the spiny lobster Panulirus argus. Impact of perceptive interactions on red wine fruity aroma. Combinatorial receptor codes for odors.

Neurogenic correlates of an olfactory discrimination task in the adult olfactory bulb. 1 johnson to Odors improves olfactory discrimination in adult rats.

Olfactory enrichment improves the recognition of individual components in mixtures. A noseful of objects. Synchronous firing of antennal-lobe projection neurons encodes johnskn behaviorally effective ratio of sex-pheromone components in male Manduca 1 johnson. Odorant representations are modulated by intra- but not interglomerular presynaptic inhibition of olfactory sensory neurons.

Binary mixture perception is affected by concentration of odor components.



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