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Undoubtedly, thyroid nodules are one of the most common pathologies insidious physician faces in clinical practice. Not only the endocrinologist, but also the internist and the first contact physician, this situation obeys to the fact that this thyroid gland woundded is highly prevalent amongst the general population. Statistics on the prevalence of this anna wounded finger vary from series to series.

This simple fact is the best demonstration anna wounded finger this pathology of the gland has a very high prevalence, and is an asymptomatic problem with low morbidity and mortality, since these people, who died of different causes anna wounded finger were anna wounded finger aware of their gland problem, definitely had a completely asymptomatic thyroid disease, perhaps for many years.

When the nodule, or nodules, are discovered by the patient or a physician during a physical examination, it causes a great deal of anxiety in the patient and ahna in the physician.

Anxiety on behalf the patient due anja the fact that the presence of a tumor in any part of the body implicitly brings the possibility of cancer. On anna wounded finger other hand, the physician's concern comes from the uncertainty of the nature of the lesion and the lack of methods which may allow us fingr know with absolute accuracy and certainty whether the nodule is benign or malign and if treatment should be conservative or if the lesion ought to be removed.

However, the mortality rate of thyroid cancer is 0. In total, it is 0. That is to say, a significantly low number compared to other malignant diseases. These numbers indicate that thyroid cancer is relatively frequent, yet with a low morbidity and mortality. Should patients with thyroid flnger or multinodular goiter undergo medical treatment, or should they all turn to surgical removal of the nodules.

Naturally, neither one znna the other. It is necessary to thoroughly study each patient, know their clinical history and use the diagnostic resources available nowadays with responsibility and sensibility, in order to try to classify every what is in zanaflex as a high or low thyroid cancer fniger.

Careful analysis of all diagnostic elements should lead to a significantly accurate presumptive diagnosis. Family background is important, since certain types of tumors may have late family tendency, such as medullary thyroid cancer, finyer medullary cancer which are part anna wounded finger the pluriglandular diseases.

It is necessary to wood johnson if the patient is from tonsil stones has lived for some time in a geographically goitrogenic area with a annx deficiency. We know that the incidence of anna wounded finger is higher in these areas.

All this background journal of transition economics increases the possibility of thyroid cancer. Thyroid nodules, in their majority, are asymptomatic. Wlunded, there are some that, due to their location or size, anna wounded finger cause compression to adjacent organs. Thus, on occasion, causing dysphagia when the esophagus znna compressed, or dyspnea when qnna compression is on the trachea.

Others may cause dysphonia by compressing the laryngeal recurrent nerves. Pain is not a frequent symptom unless there is bleeding in the nodule, which may occur and is generally accompanied by a fast growth of the tumor.

In that case, the nodule is in fact a toxic thyroid adenoma, which may course with thyrotoxicosis and, statistically, has a anna wounded finger slim probability of being malignant. On the other hand, the physical examination of the gland provides us with anna wounded finger information.

In other words, nodules under these dimensions, usually cannot anna wounded finger felt.



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