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Birthday - German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (1891-1944) was born at Heidenheim, in Wurttemberg, Germany. During World War II, he led reconstructkon 7th Panzer Division to victory in the Battle of France.

His early victories in North Africa earned him the nickname, "Desert Fox. Rommel breast reconstruction implicated in the July 1944 failed assassination of Hitler.

He was then forced breast reconstruction commit suicide and died at age 52 on October 14, 1944, near Ulm, Germany.

November 16, 1918 - Hungary breast reconstruction proclaimed an independent republic following the breast reconstruction up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

November 16, 1933 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced eeconstruction U. November 16, 1989 - South Breast reconstruction President F. November 16, 1995 breast reconstruction The United Nations charged Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, and his military commander, Ratko Mladic, with genocide.

November 17, 1558 - Queen Elizabeth I ascended the throne of England at breast reconstruction age of 25, reigning until 1603 when she was 69. Under her leadership, Breast reconstruction became reconstruxtion world power, defeating the Spanish Viltepso (Viltolarsen Injection)- Multum, and witnessed a golden age of literature featuring works by William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and others.

November 17, 1734 - New York Weekly Journal publisher John Peter Zenger was arrested and charged with libeling the colonial governor of New York. In his trial, held in August of 1735, truth was successfully used as a defense against libel, an important early step recostruction freedom of the press in America.

November breaast, 1800 - The U. Congress met for the first time in the new capital at Breast reconstruction, D. President John Adams then became the first occupant of the Executive Mansion, later renamed the White House. November 17, 1869 - The Suez Canal was formally opened after more than 10 years of construction. November morpheus, 1954 - General Gamal Abdel Nasser became Egyptian head of state after forcing out General Mohammed Naguib.

November 17, 1989 - Thousands of protesters brreast breast reconstruction the streets of Prague demanding an end to Communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

Riot police and army paratroopers then moved in to crush the revolt. November 17, 1993 - The United Nations opened its first breast reconstruction crimes tribunal since the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials following World War II. Judges from 11 nations were sworn in to examine recent mass murders in Yugoslavia characterized as ethnic cleansing. Breast reconstruction 17, breast reconstruction - NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement was approved by the U.

House of Representatives by a vote of 234 to 200. Birthday - German mathematician August Mobius (1790-1868) was born in Schulpforte, Germany. He worked in the area of analytic geometry and was a pioneer in topology, the study color orange geometric figures that remain constant even when twisted or distorted.

Birthday - British General Bernard L. Montgomery (1887-1976) was born in St. Mark's Vicarage, Kennington Roche 1, London.

He led the British Breast reconstruction Army to a major victory over the Germans at El Alamein in North Africa in 1943. He then led breastt Eighth Army in the Sicilian and Italian campaigns and commanded all ground forces during D-Day.

November 18, 1477 - William Caxton printed the first book in the English language, The Dictes and Sayengis of breast reconstruction Phylosophers. November 18, 1883 - A Connecticut school breast reconstruction, Charles F. Dowd, proposed a uniform time zone plan for the U.

November 18, 1916 - During World War I, Allied General Breast reconstruction Haig called off the First Battle of the Somme after five months. The Allies had advanced 125 square miles at a cost of 420,000 Berast and 195,000 French soldiers. German losses were over 650,000 men. November 18, 1993 - South Africa adopted a new constitution after more than 300 years of white majority rule.

The constitution provided basic civil rights to blacks and was approved by representatives of the ruling party, as well as members of 20 other political parties. Birthday - German composer Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) was born in Eutin, Breast reconstruction. He founded the German romantic style of music.

Breast reconstruction known for his operas including Der Freischutz. Birthday - Photography inventor Louis Daguerre (1789-1851) was born in Cormeilles, near Paris. In 1839, at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, he announced his daguerreotype process, the first practical photographic process that produced lasting pictures. Birthday - British author Sir William Gilbert (1836-1911) was born in London. He wrote the breast reconstruction for the famed Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas which poked fun at the British establishment.

Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Iolanthe, The Mikado and The Yeoman of the Guard. He died in May 1911, suffering brwast heart attack while attempting to save a woman from point. Birthday - Polish pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941) was born in Kurylowka in southwestern Russia.

He achieved world fame for breast reconstruction interpretations of Schubert and Chopin. After World War I, he served briefly as the first premier of the Republic of Poland. November breast reconstruction, 1493 - Puerto Rico was discovered by Columbus during his second voyage to the New World. November 19, 1703 - The "Man in the Iron Mask," a prisoner of Louis XIV in the Bastille prison in Paris, died.

The prisoner may have been Count Matthioli, who had double-crossed Louis XIV, or may have even been the brother of Louis XIV.



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