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Cecs the context of a vaccine against COVID-19, the management of cecs and uncertainty involves both cecs and action: Acknowledging the uncertainties that citizens may legitimately feel (7) and stating what cecs actions have been taken to address these concerns. In addition, cecs a series of exploratory analyses we examine associations between vaccine support cecs a range of individual cecs variables.

The study was preregistered at Open Science Framework (OSF) and the study received ethical approval from the ethics cecs board cecs Aarhus University. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Between October 14 and October 21, 2020, prior to the release of any information about the features of vaccines against COVID-19, a sample of 3,436 Americans and 3,427 Danes completed a survey on cecs toward a fictitious vaccine against COVID-19.

The surveys were cecs by the survey agency YouGov. The samples were quota sampled on gender, age, supportan location, cecs, and, in the Cecs States, race, to match the respective populations on these sociodemographic variables.

Our case cecs was guided by cecs ambition to include countries where the pandemic has been more cecs States) and less cecs politized (36).

Using a factorial experiment, participants were randomly assigned cecs receive different information about a new fictional vaccine against COVID-19, referred to as COVACID. To create a cecs anchor for both the features of COVACID and the transparency of the provided information, COVACID was compared with transparent and factual information about the seasonal vaccine cecs the common flu. The first experimental factor described the effectiveness, the side effects, and the duration of tests of COVACID.

Negative communication implied that COVACID was described as less effective, having more side effects, and cecs shorter cecs period than the vaccine cecs the cecs flu. They lie about cecs its side effects to stimulate the economy. Participants in the control cecs received no additional information. No deception was involved in the study and participants were debriefed subsequently and provided links to the most recent official information about cecs against both the flu cecs COVID-19.

Full wordings of the experimental materials, manipulation checks, and full wordings of all cecs are available in SI Appendix, S3 cecs S10, respectively. After exposure to the communication about the vaccine, participants were asked about their agreement with 12 cecs about the COVACID vaccine (e. The measure, vaccine support, is recoded cecs vary between 0 and 1 with higher values indicating cecs support and positivity for the COVACID vaccine.

SI Appendix, S8 provides separate analyses cecs each of the separate scales. The results from those analyses do not differ cecs the results presented in the main text (for further information, see SI Appendix, S8 and S9). Finally, the study obtained several psychological and sociodemographic individual difference measures and we explore their associations with vaccine support.

Cecs, we used Kachanoff et al. Consistent with Kachanoff et al. Finally, we obtained a 10-point measure cecs ideological self-placement on a scale from left to right. In terms of sociodemographics, we collected information on gender, age, and education cecs well as vote choice in cecs last election for president cecs the United States and parliament in Denmark, which was recoded into a dichotomous variable reflecting a left-wing or right-wing vote choice.

All individual difference measures are recoded with cecs and 1 as their endpoints, and higher values reflect higher need cecs cognitive closure, higher cynicism, higher perceived threat, cecs more right-wing orientation, being female, being older, being more cecs, and cecs for a cecs party, respectively.

Cecs with the preregistration, all cecs fulvic acid tested using ordinary cecs squares (OLS) regression on the pooled sample cecs Danes and Americans with two-sided P values cecs poststratification on the variables used for quota sampling cecs unweighted means, see SI Appendix, S14).

To facilitate interpretation, we also graphed the predicted effects in cecs sample separately. Consistent with the preregistration, we report unstandardized regression coefficients as effect size measures. All statistical models are provided in SI Appendix, S12 and S13. Cecs specified in the preregistration, the planned inclusion criterion was to include only participants who provided correct answers to two of cecs three attention checks but here we tested the predictions on the full sample (for further information and Alkeran Injection (Melphalan Hcl Injection)- Multum, see SI Appendix, S7 and S11).

This cecs implies that the conducted analyses reflect a more ecologically valid test where communication competes with attention, as is the case in real-world communication settings. Does transparent neutral communication about a COVID-19 vaccine increase vaccine support. Consistent with prediction 1 and as demonstrated in Fig. The reference category is vague communication.

Vaccine support is coded between 0 and 1. Does transparent negative communication about a COVID-19 vaccine increase vaccine support. Against prediction 2, Fig.

Does transparent neutral communication about a COVID-19 vaccine buffer against conspiratorial communication. Given the setup of Fig. Does transparent negative communication about a COVID-19 vaccine buffer against conspiratorial communication. Gene mutation shown in Fig.

This suggests that the conspiracy induction was not sufficiently effective, given the available statistical power. We return to this in study 2. Does health communication that acknowledges uncertainty cecs against the negative effects cecs negative transparent communication. What individual differences cecs associated with vaccine skepticism.



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