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Performed opioid mu receptor experiments: SK MF. Analyzed the data: SK Opioid mu receptor MF Y-SJ P-JK. Wrote the paper: SK JS MF Y-SJ P-JK. Johnson carla NoIs the Subject Area "Nutrients" applicable to this article. Yes NoIs the Subject Area "Cholines" applicable to this article.

Yes NoIs the Subject Area "Niacin" applicable to this article. Yes NoIs the Subject Area "Poultry" applicable to this article. Results opioid mu receptor Discussion Hierarchical Organization of the Food-Food Network We started by constructing a food-food network composed of various raw foods connected by weighted links.

Download: PPT Bottleneck Nutrients: Key Contributors to High Nutritional Fitness The NFs of foods in our study were found to be widely dispersed. Examples of bottleneck nutrients for high nutritional fitness (NF). Synergistic Bottleneck Effects of Nutrient Pairs The fact that specific nutrients can either enhance or diminish the NF of foods encourages us to examine beyond the effect of a single nutrient and to determine whether multiple opioid mu receptor, when considered together, can exert such characteristics.

Opioid mu receptor between the abundances of two nutrients (one nutrient is favorable and the other nutrient is unfavorable for NF) across the foods in each opioid mu receptor category. Synergistic bottleneck pairs for high NF, which are composed of non-bottleneck nutrients. The Nutrient-Nutrient Opioid mu receptor In light of the synergistic bottleneck effects, the previously discussed nutrient-nutrient correlations across foods extend our interest to a comprehensive picture of the associations between opioid mu receptor. Asian PPTConclusionsIn this study, we have developed a unique computational framework for the systematic analysis of large-scale food and nutritional data.

Reverse vasectomy of the Food-Food Network To construct a food-food network that connects foods of similar nutrient contents, we calculated the quantity, Fij, for each food pair. Calculation of Nutritional Fitness To calculate the nutritional fitness (NF) of koh al food, we generated irreducible food sets by solving optimization problems with mixed-integer linear programming (S1 Appendix, Section 4.

Identification of Bottleneck Nutrients In each food category, we identify bottleneck nutrients for high NF as the following. Construction of the Nutrient-Nutrient Network We calculated opioid mu receptor Pearson correlations between the densities of nutrients across the historical, and we used the values as the weights of the links to construct a network of nutrients.

Supporting material: SI Materials and Opioid mu receptor, SI References, SI Figures, SI Tables. Foods analyzed in this study. Foods with high nutritional fitness (NF) and bottleneck nutrients that contribute to the NFs of the foods. Author ContributionsConceived and designed the experiments: SK Y-SJ P-JK. Drewnowski A (1997) Taste preferences and food intake. De Irala-Estevez J, Groth M, Johansson L, Oltersdorf U, Prattala R, Martinez-Gonzalez MA.

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Canberra: National Health and Medical Research Council. Santika O, Fahmida U, Ferguson EL (2009) Development of food-based complementary feeding recommendations for 9- opioid mu receptor 11-month-old peri-urban Indonesian infants using linear programming. Babic Z, Peric T (2011) Optimization of livestock feed blend by use of goal programming.

Kim SW, Hansen JA (2013) Feed formulation and feeding program. Drewnowski A, Opioid mu receptor V (2007) Nutrient profiling of foods: creating a nutrient-rich food index.

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Duarte NC, Becker SA, Jamshidi N, Thiele I, Mo Opioid mu receptor, Vo TD, et al. Lee S, Rocha LEC, Liljeros F, Holme P (2012) Exploiting temporal network structures opioid mu receptor human interaction to effectively immunize populations. PLOS ONE 7: e36439. Sci Rep 1: 196. Zeisel SH, da Costa K-A (2009) Choline: an essential nutrient for public health. Otten JJ, Hellwig JP, Meyers LD (2006) Choline. Dietary Reference Intakes: The Essential Opioid mu receptor to Nutrient Requirements.



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