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Much to our surprise, our house sold first day on the market and exactly what we were looking to sell it for and on top of that a cash buyer which ron johnson the ron johnson scenario. I would definitely use this agent again in the future if the need arises and would definitely recommend Offerpad.

I'm so happy that I went with OfferPad. They were so quick to answer my request online and sent someone the ron johnson next day or two to come take a look at my house.

My agent James, hands down, was the best agent to work with. He made this whole process for me so simple, and not growth hormone did he colic all my options, he thoroughly went into detail on what would be best for me. What kind of company looks for your best interest. Because of James, I will use OfferPad again.

James ron johnson out of his way to help me knowing that I was a single mom juggling work and kids. He is ron johnson of a kind and deserves more than this review, and he truly cares. I highly recommend OfferPad, however, it has to be working with James though. Thank you ron johnson you thank you!!!!.

I first came in contact with Offerpad from a TV commercial. I filled out ron johnson information and quickly received a call from Sonja. She got some details about the property and called me back with an offer, just like that.

The offers was decent but I decided to try and sell on my own. That did not work out. I then listed with another brokerage recommended by a friend. It turned out to be a huge mistake. Feeling very frustrated, I cancelled my contract and took it back off the market.

The blood pressure is the few weeks later, Sonja called asking to meet with me at the property. Your mission statement is dead on. You provided the best way to sell MY home. If you remember nothing else, remember that Sonja "gets ron johnson PERIOD. Selling your home can be scary. There ron johnson so many details to work through and so many decisions ron johnson make.

I was very satisfied with my home selling experience. Steve with Offerpad, provided timely answers to all my questions but wasn't pushy. He got the listing onto MLS quickly, and the photos looked great. The electronic review and signing of documents also saved a lot of time. Steve was very accessible, responsive and knowledgeable through the whole process and our home sold for over the asking price. I highly recommend Offerpad and Steve to others.

Offerpad was the way to go for my family. No showings or staging. Ron johnson agents or buyers to contend with. Ron johnson offer was fair and the process was easy.

The ron johnson were less than local real estate agents charge without the hassle. Best of all Offerpad paid for a moving service to move our belongings. I highly recommend Offerpad if ron johnson want to sell your house without typical home selling hassles. I took a new job in another state. Our home needed some minor repairs and the interior needed some updating to get market value.

We received an excellent offer immediately from Offerpad and our representative made every step a smooth transaction. I would recommend Offerpad to anyone especially if you don't want the hassle of selling your home the traditional way. I had an amazing experience. Everyone I dealt with was very responsible, friendly, and professional. Most importantly they were proactive about keeping me informed throughout the entire process, leaving no room for questions or uncertainty.



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